Eyes In The Sky is a small Minecraft datapack that adds demon eyes from the game Terraria!

Minecraft 1.19.X

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About The Demon Eye

Have any questions about how to use and/or find Demon Eyes? Have a look!

What are Demon Eyes?

Demon eyes are flying undead hostile mobs that will swoop down and attack any player in it's sight.

Where do I find demon eyes?

In the Overworld, demon eyes can spawn in groups of 2 10 blocks above any solid block at a light level of 0 on surface level, except in mushroom fields and deep dark biomes.

What do the Demon Eyes Drop?

Demon eyes drop 0-2 demon eyes when killed. When eaten, a demon eye restores 2 (🍗) hunger points and 3.2 saturation points, giving a nourishment value of 1.6. It also applies a Poison effect lasting 4 seconds to the player, causing 4 (♥♥) damage, which reduces hunger/saturation by 6 points.

Why does The Demon Eye look like white dye?

If Demon Eyes are displaying as white dye, it means that the resourcepack is not enabled. The resource and the datapack are the same .zip so be sure to put the datapack in your resourcepacks folder aswell. If you're on forge it may be because your mod resources are below Minecraft in the resourcepacks list.

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