Founded on March 14, 2022, by Bret Holloway (Bret06) and Mia Spratte (AstraPlays), Lunar Eclipse Studios originated from a vibrant community Discord server known as Lunar Eclipse Community. This hub was designed to foster connections among users, drawing inspiration from Bret's previous venture, Infinity Gaming. Our identity is deeply entwined with a rich purple color theme, a nod to Bret's earlier project, Omegacraft, which both founders cherish. The crescent moon logo, a symbol of our studio, commemorates a necklace Mia gifted to Bret, embodying the personal connection and passion at the heart of our creation.

Lunar Eclipse Studios is a collective of innovative developers, imaginative artists, and skilled builders dedicated to enriching the Minecraft experience. Our team boasts a varied skill set with developers experienced in crafting mods and datapacks, artists who excel in creating bespoke textures and designs, and builders adept at constructing immersive environments and landscapes. This diverse expertise allows us to produce a wide range of content that enhances gameplay and engages the Minecraft community.

Our portfolio includes a variety of acclaimed mods and datapacks, alongside custom maps and resource packs that showcase our team's creativity and ambition. Among our notable creations is "From The Fog," a Herobrine mod designed to faithfully adhere to the legendary lore, which gained significant attention after being featured by the YouTuber, The Librarian. This project marked a pivotal moment for us, propelling Lunar Eclipse Studios into the spotlight and solidifying our position within the Minecraft community.

At Lunar Eclipse Studios, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of Minecraft, constantly exploring new possibilities and delivering exceptional content that captivates players worldwide. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to build and innovate for the community we love.