We all love pets in Minecraft, but we hate when they die. Eternal pets is a mod/datapack that adds a pet respawning mechanic to the parrot, the cat, and the wolf!

Minecraft 1.20.X

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Common Questions

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Where does my pet go?

In short, the sky, and no I'm not talking about the afterlife. When your pet dies it is instantly resurrected and held in limbo until five minutes after it's death, where it is safely transported back to you.

What if I don't want my pet anymore?

Well in the situation you wanna commit a homicide on your friendly companion, psycho all you have to do is bring your pet with you to a Soul Sand Valley in the nether! Where you can murder to your heart's content! ❤️

Does it work on horses?

As of the latest update, no it does not. This is because horses are not technically tamed to the player. Now if the community wants it enough we will do it, until then try to hold your horses. ;)

I found a bug! What do I do?

if you found a bug be sure to report it on our discord server! Report

How do I use the config?

You can access the config using the command
/function eternal-pets:admin/config,
which allows you to change the following settings:

  • Event Messages - Changes whether or not a message is displayed when a player's pet respawns/dies.
  • Respawn Time - Changes the amount of time it takes for a pet to respawn. (Timed in minutes.)
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